Friday, August 14, 2020

Back-to-school pictures

Today is technically our 34th day of school, but it is only the 3rd day of school for our district so it seemed like a perfect time to celebrate going back to school with back-to-school pictures. Here we are, grades 8, 6, 3, K, and preschool:


We are really excited for everyone else to be back in school because it means that we can get out and about a little bit more (hopefully). We drove by the pool today and there were only two cars parked there instead of a billion so we might try swimming during the day next week while the pool is virtually empty. We have been waiting for this moment!

The park we went to was still a little crowded at the entrance (by the playground and leading down to the river) so we had our masks on, but we took them off when we were deeper into the woods (and clearly by ourselves).

Here's Rachel at the start of her grade 8 year:

Here's Miriam at the start of her grade 6 year:

Here's Benjamin at the start of his grade 3 year:

Here's Zoë at the start of her kindergarten year (please note: she found a flower):

And here's Alexander, rapidly approaching three years old:

Here are the kids at the drainage ditch they like to jump over:

We're excited for what this school year will bring...and even though we wish it were bringing many more field trips and outings than it is destined to, we're sure whatever it brings will be great. It felt so good to get out of the house for just a little while (oh, how I wish we could get a handle on this thing (ie. coronavirus) so that we could feel good about leaving the house...but alas...).

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