Friday, August 28, 2020

Pun intended

My friend Crystal sent me the game "Pun Intended" for my birthday and while we were waiting for Zoë to finish her stew so we could go for a walk I pulled it out and we sat around reading the cards and laughing (I had an inkling Zoë would take a long time to finish her dinner, a very astute premonition (astewt!)). 

A lot of the puns were funny and by the time Andrew's fifth turn rolled around we were all rather giddy. Andrew couldn't even read one of his lines. He kept laughing too hard, which made everyone else laugh too hard, which made Rachel throw up (she hasn't done that (thrown up while laughing) for several months, not since before corona, so you know she was having a good time), which made everyone laugh more. 

Anyway, the pun Andrew couldn't get out was "I couldn't control myself. When I spanked the naked statue on the butt, I realized I had hit rock..."

The letter we had to work with was B, so clearly the answer was "bottom," which was funny.

But the joke that really got us laughing (I mean, perhaps not enough to make Rachel throw up, but still) was a little further down his card (still working with the letter B): "You can tell the gender of an ant by putting it in water. If it sinks—girl ant. If it floats—..."


We laughed until we cried.

Just so you know how we're filling our evenings over here.

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  1. I hate puns because I'm terrible at them but I bust out laughing at buoyant 🤣