Wednesday, August 24, 2022

In Alexander's words

This morning after I gave the older kids their writing assignment, Alexander asked what he could write about. So I told him that he could write about riding his new pedal bike. Then I went upstairs to put Phoebe down for a nap, but instead ended up reading a couple of books with her and then wandering back downstairs to check on something. On our way down the stairs, we ran into Alexander, who was rushing up the stairs to show me his work.

He had written an entire page!

I admit that I was initially skeptical of its quality given how little time he had spent writing (Phoebe and I read two books, but they were board books, weren't upstairs that long), but Alexander had carefully written an entire story!

I rrod my ptl bic so gd at rrd my pedl bic at th porrc pecnevil i evin rrod ourrnod the bldeig and the prrc but i stl nd to rrid my bls bc o wocx thf end

In other words: 

I rode my pedal bike so good at [rode my pedal bike] at the park Pinckneyville. I even rode around the building and the park but I still need to ride my balance bike on walks. The end. 

My favourite sounded-out word here is "wocx" for "walks." Absolutely adorable. Chef's kiss. 

He did a surprisingly wonderful job on this piece of writing. Everyone else wrote about Frankenstein. We'll see how they did...

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