Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Thinking caps for psalmists

Rachel and Miriam have been having their youth Sunday School lessons at Grandpa's house. This past week we were studying psalms and Grandpa told the girls to "bring your thinking caps," so before they left the house they fashioned some tinfoil hats for themselves and showed up at Grandpa's front door wearing them. 

After discussing the book of Psalms (I assume), Grandpa sat the girls down to write some psalms of their own, wearing their thinking caps, of course. 

Rachel wrote:

The Lord is a chef
And He made us all
Works in progress
Sometimes we burn,
Or boil over,
Become too salty or too bitter
But no matter how messy
We’re always recoverable

Miriam wrote:

You sent us off to fly,
And taught us to fly,
And told us to fly,

You made us unfinished,
No kneecaps,
No knowledge,

You blessed us,
We opened the box
Of evil and strife.
Do you really love us?

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