Sunday, September 30, 2007

0 to Infinity

Not that we're keeping track or anything, but the score is zero to infinity.

When we were engaged, Andrew's dad had him practice the phrase, "Yes, dear. You're right." It's really come in handy for him (and occasionally for me). Our score, rounded up, is pretty much zero (for Andrew), infinity (for me).

I went to my parents house today to teach my dad how to crochet. Our lesson didn't go very well. I think he's suffering from post-op. depression. I had a good time anyway...

Mom, Josie and I were getting ready to go when my dad suggested that I take home some caramel sauce that they had on the fridge as it would compliment my banana bread so well. We looked in the fridge but found no caramel sauce.

Sadly, having heard about the possibility of caramel sauce, I still really, really wanted some. So when I got home, Andrew and I decided to make some. We had the little caramel cubes that we had bought a week or so ago in order to make yummy fall treats. I love fall. Pumpkin anything...pumpkin anything. Cider, caramel, crunchy leaves. I love fall.

We both researched how to melt them down into a sauce online. Being the astute researcher that I am I looked at several sites, trying to find the best information. One site said to melt it down slowly on the burner. Another said to try adding water as you melt it on a double boiler. Yet another suggested adding milk.

I made caramels for Christmas once with my mom, and I'm pretty sure that we used cream, so I was going to go with the milk option.

Andrew typed the exact same thing I typed into Google. The fourth hit was titled "Melting Caramel in the Microwave" and claimed that it was the "best way to melt caramel without scorching." I suggested that we should probably add some milk...but he said that this way should work. We went ahead and microwaved the caramel on high for 1 minute.

It worked! The caramels melted. He trying drizzling it onto the bread. It didn't drizzle. It poured out of the bowl, covering the bread with a thick and impenetrable layer of caramel.

We decided to call his mom for advice. "What's your secret?" Andrew asked, "Oh, so you just add milk..." I stuck my tongue out at him, "And microwave on defrost...oh..."

So this time I made the caramel sauce while Andrew played with Rachel. After one minute on defrost the caramels were already starting to get soft, so one minute on high was obviously overdoing it. I took them out, smashed them around and stirred in some milk. I put it in for one more minute, finished stirring in the milk, drizzled some on a slice of banana bread and gave some to Andrew.

"This tastes like my mom's," he exclaimed, "You did it!"

Aren't moms amazing? (Thanks for the recipe, Karen!)

Oh, and that's 1 more point for my side--not that we're keeping track or anything.


  1. Nancy waxed literary here... note the chiasmus... and the alliteration...

    Bears... beets... Battlestar Galactica...

  2. hey nancy... why didn't you put your own link up? Crazy lady!

  3. 'Cuz secretly I don't want you to read my blog...just kidding.

    I took the links from my list which, I guess I'm not in... :)