Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm Psychic

David is on a date tonight. Patrick is working. Mom and Josie went to see the premier of the movie they were extras in. That left Dad all alone, so Andrew and I went to go visit him.

Just as I arrived at the front door I heard the telephone ring so I hurried to open it and answered the phone.

It was my sister Kelli. I told her Dad was sleeping and then hung up and went to wake him up (rude, I know) so we could visit with him for a few minutes.

We did so and then returned home so Andrew could start on his homework.

Just as I put the key in the doorknob, the phone rang.

I said to Andrew, "Wow, we're good at getting to places in time to answer the phone. Wouldn't that be funny if it was Kelli?"

I answered the phone and it was Kelli, and it was funny.

Anyway, Dad is doing pretty well. He does physical therapy everyday, I think, and is doing okay but they had to stop him because his blood pressure is doing strange things still. Typically when one exercises blood pressure rises to enable the body to do more. Dad's blood pressure was going down...which is strange.

But he's looking so much better, probably even better than before the whole aneurysm crisis.


  1. Doesn't this actually mean that Kelli is the physic one since she "knew" where you'd be each time she called :)

  2. Maybe we're just both telepathic and communicate with each other using our minds, even when we're miles and miles apart? It could happen...