Friday, September 14, 2007

The great debate

The minute Rachel was born we naturally tried to figure out who she looked like. We couldn't do it. She just looked like Rachel.

Then my mom showed up and said to me, "She must look like Andrew because she doesn't look you!"

Then Karen showed up and said to Andrew, "She must look like Nancy because she doesn't look like you!"

Now every time I see my mom she'll say, "Wow, today she just looks like Andrew," or "Maybe she does look like you after all," or "I see a little bit of Conrad in there."

Meanwhile, my sister Kelli insists that Rachel has the Duggar chin (she probably does).

Rachel's almost two months old and we haven't been able to figure out who she looks like for I took the plunge and relied on face recognition technology to tell us. The results are that Rachel just looks like Rachel, a beautiful mixture of both mom and dad.

Kind of like Andrew,

while I, on the other hand, resemble my mom.

I think it's easier to tell who the child looks like as they grow older though, so we'll have to see how Rachel looks in a few years.

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  1. That is so funny! Where did you find that? I want to try it out too. You know, it is so funny, a baby sometimes will turn a certain way and then she will look like the mom, then the next moment she will laugh and she will look just like the dad. It is amazing. Although, I think that Maya resembles Daniel a lot more than me, there are those moments when I am like, that is so, me!