Friday, September 28, 2007

Human Nature

Sometimes I have a real lack of trust in human nature. I've had a few examples these past few weeks that really made me wonder.

My mom and I were somewhere in the Salt Lake metropolitan area heading to a "gated" neighborhood. We pulled up to the gate and tried to follow the directions on the keypad to call our host to open the gate. It wouldn't work. We were stuck in the rain, trying to open a gate. Some kind people driving out of the neighborhood told us the code and how to open the gate then drove off, thinking that we would figure it out.

We didn't. We were frustrated, wet, and grumpy. Then a car pulled up behind us. We tried putting in the code, but still couldn't get it to work. Another car pulled up behind the car behind us.

Now we were feeling bad for tying everyone up. I ran up to the car directly behind us and asked for help opening the gate. The man in the car told me the code again and how to do it. I tried. I failed. I looked back to the cars for assistance. No one budged. We were stuck between a line of cars and locked up gate...and no one was offering any help.

Granted, it was pretty wet outside, but I was out there, wasn't I? So I just kept trying the gate and trying the gate and getting wetter and wetter and more frustrated.

And what do you think the cars behind us do? Did someone finally get out and help us? No. They drove away. Just backed up, drove to the other gate and went in without a problem.

I wonder if they were embarrassed when we showed up to the same party they did, soaking wet. It probably would have been easier and less embarrassing for everyone had they just gotten out of their car and showed us how to open the gate.

My second story happened today. Rachel and I were out walking when all of a sudden we were pelted with tootsie rolls.

It's one thing to be showered with candy during a parade moving a mile per hour where the candy throwers are stingy and toss the candy gently to people who are expecting candy. It's completely different when the candy is thrown by obnoxious teenage boys from a car moving 35 miles an hour. I can't put my finger on it, but somehow that was a little less fun than a parade. Plus, who throws candy at a baby?

Lastly, how about this woman who has purportedly been lying about her whole life for the last 6 years. I won't say much about it except that I wish that people would just live their lives they way they know they should. Oh, and not to lie about everything, too. That always helps.

I'm done complaining now. I guess I'll just end by saying that having these things happen to me (not that the woman lying about her 9-11 story actually happened to me, nor has it really had an effect on me at all) made me think about whether I'm willing to do the little things needed to make someone's life easier (like opening a gate for someone). I think I sometimes neglect doing those things. I've also wondered if there are things I do that make life for others more difficult, and if by stopping I could make someone's day easier (like, maybe I won't throw rock-hard candy at babies tomorrow, if I can help myself). Am I really being honest in everything I do or have I lied about my whole life story for the last six years?

I guess it's sometimes just good to do some self evaluation to make sure my life is in check.

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  1. I can't believe someone pelted you and Rachel with candy. The really sick thing about that is taht at the heart of it that is an assault but I think they figure because they use candy they can get away with it. My sister-in-law was taking some pictures with her friend and some boys kept driving by and yelling really insulting stuff at them. Angi says stuff like that is becoming more and more common in Utah. That's really too bad.