Sunday, September 23, 2007

How many bad haircuts can I give?

Yesterday Andrew and I wore the matching BYU shirts that his parents gave him (rather, us) for his birthday. It was also the homecoming football game--which we neither went to nor watched on TV. In fact we had no clue who won until we went to the ward party and everyone kept asking us if we went to the game. Apparently it was a good game.

You will notice in this picture how ruggedly handsome Andrew is. I haven't cut his hair for a while least since the beginning of July. In my humble--but amazingly accurate--opinion, Andrew looks nice with longer hair. He looks older, more sophisticated, and also kind of rugged, but that's just because he doesn't agree with me and my favorable opinion of his longer hair style, so he leaves it messy just to bug me. He enjoys his hair when it's so short that even if he sleeps on it funny it doesn't stick up anywhere because it's just too short to do anything with.

He's been asking me to cut his hair for quite some time now and I've been telling him to comb his hair for quite some time now. We were kind of at a standstill with him refusing to comb and me refusing to cut.

I caved. I'm always the one to cave in a battle of wills. I don't see it as a weakness...not's more that I just want to make the other person happy and/or stop griping.

So I finally agreed to cut his hair--but not too short.

Famous last words, I guess, because I haven't ever quite figured out how to cut hair so that it stays longish. One day I should experiment with scissors because if I happened to mess up, I could always buzz it after, right? For now though, the only hairdressing job I'd ever get is one with the military.

For future reference, 3/4 of an inch on top is much too short, regardless of anything Andrew says. Rachel's hair is now like 10 times longer than Andrew's.

And to think, I just found his favorite comb the other day. What a waste of a find--no wonder it lost itself before! It never gets used. Instead it sits idly by, gathering dust.

At least we're mostly happy. I'm happy that it will only take Andrew's hair a month to get to be the length I should have cut it to. He's happy that I cut it too short. Rachel's just happy. It looks like the comb is the only one who could use some cheering up.


  1. I agree!!! grow out your hair longer!


  2. No way! I've sported short hair for years. My hair is too used to it now to be able to grow normally. It's ben preconditioned now.

    Plus I have that stupid double crown, making my hair practically impossible to comb. Short hair = no combing.

    Plus I now look like a strapping young lad.

  3. Well, that's 2 to 1. Any more votes for my side of the argument?

  4. I'm torn--I cut matt's hair, and he is picky! if I could just buzz it all one length, I think I'd be happier, than standing for an hour and 1/2 in the bathroom, trying to keep the sides and top short, but the front just a little bit longer.

    that and our electric buzzer is messed up, and only cuts sporadicly, so I have to go over the same strip in the back at *least* 10 times, then double check it with scissors.

    I like Matt's hair longer, I like longer hair in general (the whole running your fingers through it thing) and I can't say that I've ever really seen andrew with longer hair (except for that pic up above, and I like that)

    you can borrow my scissors next time and try something new on him. :)

  5. Thanks, Krystal! That's 3 to 1 for my side. :P

    We have scissors--I just haven't gotten daring enough to try them yet...maybe sometime I'll come watch you cut Matt's hair and see how you do it.

  6. My personally opinion is that Andrew's hair looks nice longer but I understand wanting to keep it short since Jason likes my hair longer but it drives me nut-so! Also normally I would say that the messy look works for long hair but Nancy I understand that when you are talking about Andrew not combing his hair your talking about him waking up with half of his hair sticking up in the back (the sleepy hair) and him walking out the door like that. So I can see why cave and cut it. FYI my 12 year old brother does the walk out of the door with bed head deal as well.

  7. I'd have to agree with Nancy. It does look better longer-but not too long. When we first got married Joe tried to get me to cut his hair. I think I tried it once, and his mom told me never to do it again. (Not that it was a bad cut, but she said that if I started cutting it at that point I'd have to do it for the rest of my life, and I don't really want to do that) So, Joe goes and gets his hair cut for 10 dollars every couple of months.

  8. hmmm, that's a hard one. I have the same thing that Crystal deals with (the fact that Daniel wants my hair long, but I can't stand it long)...but Andrew does look good in long hair too. Cause, I think that Daniel should have more of a beard (I think that it's rugged)... I think that I would have to say....leave it up to the wearer of the hair--unless he is absolutely horrible looking.

  9. Robby has me cut his hair too - you'd think with a hairdresser mom and sister I'd have inherited SOME skills but apparently not. I often try it with scissors and end up buzzing it...

    I do like Andrew's hair long in that picture but if you're gonna have to fight him to comb it... might not be worth it...

  10. Do you have a #8 attachment for your clippers? That's what I use on Jeremy when I can convince him to keep it long(er).

  11. Here's another vote to add to Nancy's side. I think pretty much everyone agrees that it looks better longer Andrew. I can understand wanting short hair but really, compared to what us girls have to put up with, what's an inch or two of hair, come on?! It won't cause any problems that a little gel can't fix - you just need to get used to the idea of spending a minute or two on your hair in the morning. Again, compared to us females in that regard, you can't complain. ;) So Nancy, maybe you should give him a late birthday present of some gel and then refuse to cut his hair for a while. The idea of longer hair will "grow" on him (pun intended...) :)

  12. P.S. what a cute smile Rachel has in that last picture

    P.P.S. I don't know that you should be allowed to wear those BYU shirts unless you watch the football games or at least know the outcomes.... ;)

  13. My vote is, I like the long hair... although in the pic above, I could see why Andrew wouldn't like it... he might if Nancy could give it a style... so there you go, if Nancy can't Andrew, go short ;P
    (Does that count for a tie?)