Thursday, September 13, 2007


Andrew, my dear and devoted super-nero, made a server for our house this summer. It's pretty cool. We have a wiki on it and we can access my computer through it from anywhere in the world if the server and my computer are both on...which is cool.

Considering the server sits right under my personal computer and Andrew's laptop spends the majority of its time 10 feet away in the living room and we certainly don't play network games together, I'm not sure I see the utility of it, but I guess it's pretty cool.

At least, it's pretty remarkable that Andrew got it working. It's not everyone who can build a server.

The other night Andrew was talking to me all excitedly about it and I was going, "Yup, cool, wow, neat-0, mm-hmmm," which means, "That's nice, dear, but I have no clue what you just said."

Then he said, "I should teach you how to get on our server so that you can..."

I really tried to listen but he was using all these big computer terms which just don't jive with my brain. I'm computer literate, don't get me wrong, but I can't build a computer--if you get my drift.

So I kind of tuned him out and was thinking about something different (sorry, Andrew) and when I tuned back in, he was saying,

"Our server is actually pretty secure. Sometimes even I can't log on...and I built it."

The look of bewildered innocence and absolute puzzlement on his face made me absolutely lose it. He's so hilarious--I know where Rachel gets all the little faces she pulls now.

He still needs to perfect the server (so that he can consistently log on, maybe) but it will have to wait. He's working really hard this semester as a TA for a design class, as a computer proctor in the multimedia lab, as a student taking 19 credit hours, and as a full-time husband and father. In short, this is going to be one crazy semester, but it will be worth it in the end, right?

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