Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yet another update with a boring title

Two very remarkable things happened today.

The first is that dad is now stable enough that they've moved him to recovery. So, he's been dewired and unplugged from mostly everything. He's on the fifth floor of the hospital, so Mom, Rachel and I went to go and visit. We went up the elevators we usually do, not even considering that there are two wings of the hospital. Up we go, all 5 floors, only to end up in labor & delivery.

We went back down and asked at the information desk. The lady we spoke with said, "Oh, he didn't go into labor? Too bad. That would've been worth a lot of money."

Well, he's now in a different tower, so don't go up the first set of elevators.

He looks really good and is a lot more energetic. I might even dare take a picture the next time we visit. Rachel got to snuggle with him in bed until she started to try and nurse his armpit.

Dad should be home by this weekend.

The second remarkable thing was that Rachel took her soother/pacifier/binky today without a fuss today. She took it from my mom's house to the hospital, the whole time at the hospital, and home to our house. I'm really excited because she's really been wanting to suck recently. Today, for example, we spent virtually the whole day attached to each other. She'd suck, suck, suck until all the milk was gone and then she'd keep on going for half an hour or more. The only time she'd interrupt her sucking was to do a massive blow out.

So I'm pretty glad she took her soother this evening. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually get something done.

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