Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Since this was the first day of Playgroup this school year, no pictures were taken. The kids were much too rambunctious to risk any time behind a camera. We had five grown-ups: my friends Kristi, Heather, Heather, Bonnie and then me; 3 infants: Rachel (2 months), Maggie (pretty much 2 months), and Amy (almost a month); and 4 toddlers: Emma (the girl I babysit), Ian, Hannah, and another Rachel. We're going to try to get more families to join as well.

Other than Ian, who has had to get used to having Maggie in the house, all the other children are only-children, thus far, so this was the first time they have had to share in quite a while. It really went pretty well, except for a few kafuffles and eye-gougings. Emma, herself, fell victim to an eye-gouger and got pushed off a little sit-and-ride toy.

All in all, there was a lot of grabbing and screaming but the kids eventually settled into their own little corner with their individually prized toy. It was fun to get out of the house though and visit with some other moms in the neighbourhood.

Maybe next week we'll actually get the kids to play nicely together. It could happen...


  1. Do you have a Mom's n Tots in your ward? Our ward does (well, it's one of the enrichment groups), and it makes me wish I had kids just so I could go to the activities! They meet weekly at different people's houses or random locations, defaulting to the church, and do things like "play in the water day" "things on wheels" (where they bring any toys with wheels), tour the firestation, go for a walk/little hike, play at the park, etc, etc... So, unlike the playgroups of my former ward, they do more than just play with the nursery toys and then not want to come to nursery on Sunday... not that that's what yours does! (sad how much I know about this when we don't even have kids... I think it comes from being in the Nursery!)

  2. I would say to you that if you want to go to the playgroup, go! At least, we're not really into ostracizing people--plus, the more adults, the merrier :)

    My friend Bonnie was like, "I'm so glad I finally have a baby so that I can come to playgroup." And the other moms were like, "You could have come before!"

    It's really just for the moms to get together and talk, hoping that the kids will entertain themselves for a little while.

    We meet at different people's houses--but having some more structure might be a good idea.

    Today they pulled out every toy Kristi owned, I'm sure, making a huge having a theme might help be a little less messy.

  3. Michelle!!! What's that apostrophe doing in Moms? :) :)
    Nancy: I only know like one other person who uses the word kafuffle. Hurrah! :)

  4. I love the word "kafuffle." It's one of my favourite words. So descriptive. Apparently it is a word of Canadian origins, although I didn't know that until I used it at work one time and nobody believed me that it was a real word. Now they all use it...

    (I really did look it up somewhere and it said it was Canadian... of course, I can't find that now! so maybe it's not...)