Monday, September 03, 2007

Lullaby In Blue

When I was little, my mom would hold me on her lap and run her fingers down my nose to try to get me to close my eyes while she would sing me a lullaby. I liked the song though, so I would purposely stay awake as long as I could, even though sleep was calling to me.

I still had that memory but forgot the song...

Then one day, I went to the Thomas' house and we watched Bachelor Mother. I thought that the movie was great, so I told my mom about it.

"Was it a musical?" she asked.

It wasn't, but she remembered the plot from a movie she saw when she was a little girl, only the movie was a musical. Later on that week, she brought home Bundle of Joy from the library.

We popped it in. The plot was identical to Bachelor Mother, but there were added songs. Considering it is a musical remake, that's understandable.

At some point in the movie, the "parents" are singing a lullaby to the baby. It was the lullaby that my mom sang to me when I was little. She had forgotten the song, and so had I, but there it was for all to hear.

I've started singing it to Rachel, only I couldn't remember any of the words except, "How I love my pretty baby, cute and precious little baby, how I love my little baby, honest to goodness I do," so I would just sing that to her over and over and over. Sometimes I would add things like, "Go to sleep my little baby..." or other things so that I didn't get bored saying the same thing.

I finally found the song, Lullaby in Blue, online. I'll have to try to get a copy of it somehow.


  1. My mother in law used to sing that to my husband when he was little! Now he sings it to me (how I love my pretty Becky). It's so cute :)

  2. HI! I wanted to Thank you Thank you so much for posting the name of the movies! I have been searching for a while the Titles of Bundle of Joy! I watched it with my Grandfather 10-12 years ago before he passed and we used to sing it to each other. Now i have a 2 yr old and i've sang it to him since i was pregnant! I use a few different words because i couldn't remember all the originals!! Thank you again for posting the song and movie title!! Have a wonderful day!