Thursday, October 25, 2007

3 am

3:00 am has been Rachel's favorite hour recently. It's certainly not mine.

She was doing so well at sleeping through the night...and then she learned how to roll over. I think that this has stunted her sleep patterns because she used to be such a good sleeper. The other night I walked in to get her because she was screaming and I could hear the crib rattling. Rachel was on her stomach, holding her head up (kind of). She was so close to the crib bars that she couldn't put her head back down--every time she tried she slammed it into the crib bars.

No wonder she was crying.

She's done something similar the past few nights so has spent her nights in our bed from 3 am until whenever we wake up. Sometimes I have good intentions to put her back in her own bed, but I usually just fall asleep with her and then wake up to her giggles at around 7 am. She always wakes up giggling.

Last night, though, she slept in her own bed until 7:oo! She didn't go to bed last night until around midnight, so we had a little nap together until 10:00--that felt so good...I haven't slept that long in a long time!

Truthfully, I find it odd that Rachel has been waking up in the night because she sleeps so soundly--like her father. She will talk in her sleep (already, yes) and can be moved around without being waked up. Loud noises hardly make her stir. Quite frankly, if those two were sound asleep and the world caved in on them, neither one would notice.

She sleeps in rather awkward positions. I think this is her fetal position...with the head sticking out like that. Yeah, that looks like it feels familiar.

She's recently taking to snuggling with anything she can grab. I'll wake up sometimes and she'll be holding onto my shirt or my arm or the sheets. Here she is snuggling a pig.

And what kind of post would this be without a shot of her wild bed-head?

Here's hoping our 3 am curse has been lifted for good.


  1. that one with the pig is priceless Nanny!

  2. Nancy she is so cute! I hope she sleeps well tonight for you!!