Sunday, October 14, 2007

Diaper Tales

"Which side goes in the front?" Andrew nervously asked the nurse as he attempted his first diaper change ever.

That was the foundation we had to build on. Not a very solid one, so we had to build up from the basics.

"The tapes go in the back," said the nurse, "and the picture goes in the front."

Andrew nodded fervently and successfully finished his first diapering experience.

He's been a real trooper through this experience and treats each tip like gold. Our daughter is a rather...forceful...pooper, so any trick to keep that stuff inside the diaper really is quite priceless.

After Rachel has been diapered by Andrew, I've seen some of the most hilarious things. Instead of pulling the velcro tabs right across her belly, he's pulled them down and fastened them in between her legs. She's come to me with the leg flaps all tucked up inside the elastic (that's actually pretty easy to do). The best I've seen, though, was yesterday.

Some very conspicuous noises came rumbling out of Rachel's diaper so I went to investigate.

I pulled off her little pants and she helped me out by pulling her dress up, one of her favorite new tricks. (Either she's initiating rounds of peek-a-boo or she simply likes showing off her undershirts).

Then I unsnapped her onesie and took a look at her diaper. I'm not even sure what Andrew did. We're just really lucky that those rumbling noises were mostly gasses and not liquids or solids.

Rachel and I decided that even though her diaper wasn't very full that we should put a new one on her anyway, so we gathered up our things and headed to the changing table. I carried Rachel. Rachel carried her pants.

Andrew's excuse for this diaper disaster was that he hasn't been feeling very well lately. I haven't been feeling well lately, either--our whole house has been sick this week--however, my diaper skills haven't suffered. That's probably because, for me, diapering is second nature.

I've changed so many diapers that it's automatic. I hardly notice when I change them anymore. The other day I said to Andrew,

"Wasn't she poopy?"

"Yes," he answered.

"Well, she's not anymore. Who changed her?"

"You did."

"Really? Oh," I seriously couldn't remember doing it at all, but there she was, perfectly pampered.

Andrew has only been changing diapers for 3 months. I trust we won't have the same issues with the next child. He's a fast learner.

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  1. You know, Jeremy does that weird thing with the fasteners, too. Instead of horizontal, like a normal person would do it, they end up pointing down.