Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Say Cheese

Rachel has realized that whenever I bring out the camera I want her to smile and look cute and attentive. I rarely have to coax her to look at the camera anymore; in fact, the minute I bring it out she puts on a little show.

I wonder what she thinks. Probably something like, "Mom has that little black box again. That means she's going to act all silly with me. It's so funny when she does that." She probably doesn't mean to smile at all--she smiles in spite of herself because she's thinking of all the goofy things we do to get her to look cute for the camera.

The other night, just before Andrew and I were ready to call it a night, Rachel woke up screaming. We sat for a few minutes, crossing our fingers that she'd console herself and fall back asleep. This time, that was not the case, so Andrew went in and got her.

She was not a very happy baby...but then she saw that I had the camera and gave us a winning smile.

She's definitely one of those babies who can be entertained just by pretending to use the camera. When she gets older, she'll probably pose for it, too!


  1. maybe, she's just working you guys... remeber David's infamous pool episode at Auntie Arlenes?
    Dad saying "Say hi to mommy..." All of the sudden, his freaking out stops, Big Smile, "Hi Mom." Then right back to freaking out!
    Classic, he knew how to work it...

  2. My niece is the opposite, and always has been (she's getting slightly better now) - when the camera came out she refused to look at us. We had to trick her by doing dances behind the person w/ the camera, but we had to be quick at taking the picture because she would catch on too quick. Super frustrating because all we want to do is take pics of her!

  3. What a little poser! :)

  4. Robby is the same way! He will be super cranky and upset and I whip out the camera and it's like the funnest game ever! I don't get it... but it's convenient!

    Her little smile there at bedtime is just too sweet!