Monday, October 08, 2007

Salsa recall

Reid grabbed an armful of cans and other items, including a glass jar of salsa, and took them downstairs to put in the storage room. Since the next session of General Conference was due to start soon, he was in a hurry.

"We have an emergency!" he called from the basement.

We all rushed downstairs to see what the emergency was; Reid had dropped the jar of salsa and it smashed on the floor. Andrew helped his dad clean up the mess of tomatoes and broken glass.

"We're lucky," said Reid, "I just saved our lives."

"How?" asked Andrew.

"There are shards of glass in the salsa. If we had eaten it, we would have died. I broke it so that we didn't have to eat the glass."

"Wow," said Andrew, thinking his dad was heroic, "Thanks."

Upstairs, Reid encouraged Andrew to tell everyone about how Reid had just saved their lives. Andrew did so.

Unfortunately for Andrew, everyone else understood that the glass ended up in the salsa because the jar broke. He kept insisting that we could have died but after several explanations, he finally got it.

"Oh..." he said sheepishly. There wasn't much else to say really. He's so funny!


  1. Andrew's stories sound like stories from Uncle Leron.....Hey maybe you and collen could write a book together....My husband is sooo guliable....

    (sorry to lazy to look up words in spell check!)

  2. Your husband sounds so funny Nancy!!!