Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall is Bustin' Out all Over!

I've decided that I might just make a little scrapbook for Rachel. I will admit that I do enjoy scrap booking. I like cutting and gluing and arranging the pictures.

I don't like all the mess and the paper and the cost though, but since I can do most everything "by hand" on the computer, I figure I can still make a book for her and print it out every once in a while.

This is a page that I made of Rachel playing in the leaves. For some reason she found trying to shove them in her mouth most enjoyable. I'll really have to watch her when she gets older and masters her fine motor skills; she might just be the kind of child to eat bugs/random bits of food/dirt/ABC gum off the sidewalk.

I'm a little saddened by the thought of cold weather, but I really am quite excited for fall. I just love when the air is crisp, but still warm enough out that you only need a sweater. And I really like when the trees are orange, red, yellow, and green all at the same time. I think playing in leaves is so much fun! And I really like the holidays that happen in autumn.

I like Halloween. I do. I have a journal entry from when I'm three or four that is dated in March and it says, and I quote, "I like Halloween trick-or-treating." So there you have it. I started dressing up as a cat at that age and I just loved when my mom would pull out that very costume year after year. I never wanted to be anything else. I eventually outgrew it and then it was very difficult to decide what to be. If only I could be the cat...

Some years I would decide that I wanted a change and would put on every dress-up that we owned but I would always morph back into the cat by the time we were ready to go trick-or-treating.

I also like Thanksgiving. I like that we've celebrated two Thanksgivings for years, having donuts at the Fletcher's for one (American Thanksgiving when we lived in High River, and Canadian Thanksgiving now that both our families live down here) and family dinner for the other.

I like apples and pumpkins and getting new school supplies. I love new school clothes--not that I get those anymore, but when I was younger I liked having clothes that we had to change out of after school so that we'd keep them nice.

Fall is just cozy. It's perfect hot chocolate, or, in my case, hot apple cider, weather. A good time to curl up with a book, your baby, your husband and just slow things down for a little bit. It's a great time to go for a walk and show your baby all the bright colors and see the smile on her face disappear when she finally gets that leaf in her mouth and learns that it doesn't taste very good. It's fun to look out the window and see the mountain turn color before your very eyes and then drive up in the canyon and see the leaves fluttering down from the trees.

So, there you have it, I like fall.

And, yes, Bridget, I really have had that song stuck in my head since September 5th. It's painful...make it stop!


  1. Ha ha.I had just barely got it out of my head but now you started it again!!

  2. The best part is that I sing it like this,

    "June [or fall] is bustin' out all over! All over the somethin' somethin' fez. And the da-da-da britches and the something something hitches..." and so forth.

    It's pathetic, really. It seems that every time I walk out the door I'm bustin' out all over...

  3. Yeah! I feel like I should learn the real words, but it's so fun singing the made-up-on-the-spot ones that I just haven't done it yet.