Sunday, October 07, 2007

Beautiful Babies

For our wedding reception we made some posters that had pictures of the two of us as babies, growing up, dating, etc. I finally dismantled them this week and on them were some nice baby pictures of each of us between 2 and 3 months old.

Even though we've used the look alike meter before, we decided to try it out with our baby pictures--just to see, you know, if Rachel really does look like both of us. She does.

Truthfully, she really does look like us both. She is, once again, making almost the exact same face as Andrew. It's kind of creepy how she's always making the same faces as Andrew--she'll be a very animated child. Yet she seems to have a lot of me in there, too. I'm pretty sure it's the cheeks, but I'm not positive. Maybe it's the eyes.

One thing's for sure: her ears don't stick out nearly as much as Andrew's or mine!


  1. Apparently, the first thing my mum noticed about me was that I had small ears that didn't stick out, and she was quite pleased.

  2. Small, but hairy, ears. :) Just like Rachel.

    Mine stuck out and were hairy--that's not a good deal at all!