Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall Photos

The mountains are quickly turning from gold to grey, so our family set out to the mountains to take some pictures before all the leaves disappear. I've been wanting to take some fall-ish family pictures for a while. Our plan was to have another family come with us like Esther did, but since I only came across this idea last night, it was a little short notice for our friends. Instead we went with our tripod in tow.

Taking family pictures with a tripod proves exceptionally difficult. We had Andrew sprinting, jumping over ravines, and ducking branches to join us. I suppose I could have set the timer every once in a while, but he insisted that I wear a skirt since I wanted him to wear a tie. Running through knee-length grass in a skirt is difficult, so I held the baby and modeled for Andrew while he set up the shots.

A lot of our shots didn't turn out because Rachel was more interested in trying to eat trees than she was in looking at the camera. It's possible we have more shots of her with twigs in her mouth than with a smile on her face.

We took several family shots--Andrew had a tough time getting in all the pictures, but I think he did a great job getting in there and looking pretty in the 10 seconds that the camera gave him.

We took a few pictures of just the two of us but they kept turning out looking like engagement pictures so we quickly gave up on that idea.

We also took a few pictures of Rachel by herself, but she's hard to pose since she can't sit up on her own yet. She didn't really like how crunchy the leaves were and absolutely howled when we tried to pose her with a tree.

We also took pictures with each of us and Rachel. These were probably the easiest to arrange, aside from trying to get Rachel to look at the camera. This one is my absolute favorite:

For more pictures, click here.


  1. For some reason I look taller than Andrew in all these pictures. It must be because I'm propped up higher than he is or something because, I assure you, he really is quite a bit taller than I am!

  2. I love all those pictures! What a cute family! I am so glad that you are able to capture some wonderful moments with your growing family!

  3. so beautiful Nanny! I love all your pictures :)

  4. Love these! And I LOVE the colors you guys wore - I never would have thought to wear purple for Fall pics, but it really is perfect. I also love that you and Rachel match w/ patchwork designs.

  5. Those are so nice! I love that Andrew is wearing a pink tie. I've been trying to convince matt that he needs a pink tie, but he thinks green is the only tie he can wear. One day I will crack him, and he will have a pink tie