Sunday, October 21, 2007

Le nozze di Figaro

Absolutely hilarious. Need I say more? This should be everyone's first exposure to opera simply because it is hilarious, well written, and leaves the audience begging for more. It's definitely my favorite opera so far.

Had I been born 223 years ago (in 1784), I, too, would have camped out hoping to be let in to watch the premier...even of just the play. It's a good story line. I just hope that had I camped out that night that I wouldn't have been one of the three trampled to death in a vain attempt to be admitted to the theater. Seriously, three people. Those crazy Europeans; first plays, now soccer. What next?

I think that BYU did a great job putting it on. The parts were cast well, the players did an amazing job, the pit was wonderful, the supertitles were ok--I'm just glad that I understand Italian better than I did at the last Italian opera I went to. In fact, I understood so much that I was really able to get into the action on stage.

I want to go see it again, but we can't really afford a second set of tickets and being away from Rachel that long was a little difficult.

Rachel spent the evening at my parents' house.

We spent the whole week prepping her to go. We had to find a way to feed her, since we'd be separated for about 4 hours. Initially I was thinking we'd try her on apple juice, so we bought some...but then I remembered that we own a pump so I started pumping.

I still have a ton of milk. The first time this week I pumped extensively (after Rachel ate, mind you), I pumped four ounces of milk. That is enough for another feeding of a baby Rachel's age, so in all seriousness I could feed two babies with my milk supply. Just for the fun of it I looked into donating my milk to a milk bank, but Utah doesn't have one. The nearest one is in Colorado, which is fine, but they are looking for HIV free, non-smoking, non-drinking, non-illegal-drug-taking mothers of babies younger than six months. I do believe that we have a highly concentrated population of women like that in the Provo area, so why don't we have a milk bank here?

You have to donate a minimum of 100 ounces though, and pumping isn't terribly comfortable. I'm not sure that I'm ready for that kind of commitment. Pumping was nothing, though, compared to the difficulty of coaxing Rachel to take a bottle. I offered her a bottle at every feeding this week and she finally took one on Wednesday night.

I thought we were in the clear, but she didn't really eat well for my mom. She screamed for quite a long while, so I hear, and got a few lectures from the child-friendly Uncle Patrick about how screaming is not necessary and is really quite annoying and that she should cease and desist immediately. Oddly enough, his lectures didn't help and she continued to scream through them.

Needless to say, when we got home, Rachel was ravenously hungry and she ate until midnight.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening. We survived being away from Rachel, although we did talk about her a lot. She survived being away from us and was relatively happy when we picked her up. I think we'll try this going out thing again sometime.

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