Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rolie Polie Olie

In addition to being one of Olivia's nicknames and a great kids' show, Rachel is now also a little rolly polly.

She's been toying with the idea of becoming mobile for quite some time, but has really blossomed as of late. I never find her in the same place that I put her down. She can roll over in under 3 minutes, get her hands free, and just tonight she flipped over from her stomach to her back (more than once).

The 3 minute roll-over

I was pretty proud of that accomplishment on her part. We were at a friend's baby shower and I put Rachel on the ground. She flipped right onto her stomach and then a few minutes later was on her back again. I was so excited...I don't know why since this means we'll have to make our house baby proof. Personally, I think she was just showing off for all the little boy babies there. Rachel and Amy were outnumbered by their male counterparts 2 to 1.

Rachel can pivot around on her blanket, too, and gets stuck under her little gym all the time. She shows very little interest in the toys hanging down over her head but loves to kick at the legs for some reason, so she'll twist around so that she can kick them.

Today when she rolled over, she also turned 45 degrees so her tail end got stuck under the bars of her gym. She wasn't too thrilled about this. It does explain, though, why Andrew asked me the other night, "Did you put the baby to bed upside down?" It doesn't take her very long to switch polarity.


  1. Actually, how she got stuck under the gym made me think of...

    Wasn't it David who would crawl and get stuck on his tummy on the leg of the piano?

    (an upright piano like this one.)

  2. yes it was him! he loved crawling through the legs for some reason!

  3. Such fun pictures! It is neat to see babies learn new things. One time, David even tried to climb through the bars of the stool that was our piano bench and got hung up on those bars, too, but it was usually the piano. And once, at Grandma's house (on the farm) he got himself completely stuck under the couch. He rolled under (it had higher legs to make it easier for Grandpa to sit) and then lost his way in the dark under there, I guess.

  4. What a cutie! She sure is moving around a ton! She'll be crawling before you know it!

  5. we actually sing rolly pully like wooley bulley...wooley bulley....but with her nick name instead!

  6. I also lost Rosie once. She about 4 months old and I laid her on a huge quilt, while she was napping and went upstairs (after making sure all the doors were locked) to take a quick shower. When I came back down she was gone. I had just a towel around me, and I was in a panic!!!!! No one else was in my home.....the doors were locked still. Then I heard her scream I picked the quilt up, no rosie.....panic got worse...then I saw out the corner of my eye her little feets (in brown booties) wailing in the air. The carpet was even brown and so was the throw on the chair she manged to scrunch over to!!! She was the mover without even crawling yet!!!! Being the good mom I was I quickly grabbed the camera a took a picture for the books! I know its somewhere......Love you Nan-Pan

  7. Wait....I lost another one too Matthew it was....took another shower, left David (ex) incharge of watching Rosie and him (Matthew was just 4 weeks old). Told him I needed a long shower...took 45 min. Got out and he was on the computer still....looked in on Rosie, she was playing fine, went in the living room, where Matthew was left laying and he was gone!!!! Now I knew he couldn't have rolled anywhere. I asked Dave where he was, he just shrugged his shoulders. See the irony was Dave thought I was teaching him a lesson because I always said he never paid attention to the kids, and I thought he was teasing me because he thought I was too paronoid!!! So I checked the windows and doors....all locked. No one else could have gotten in. Went back to Dave, told him this wasn't funny anymore, I wanted my baby. He started to notice I was getting scared. he got up and started looking. The more we looked the more panic set in.....I was right he didn't pay attention to the kids. We asked Rosie if she knew where her new brother was, she denied any knowledge....then I saw, yep another foot, this time come out from behind Rosie's kitchen set....I ran over, some how my clever almost two year old daughter had managed to safely get him from the living room to her room (right under her dad's glued eyes to the computer) and hide him from parents line of vision. He must have been pretty comfy, because he didn't make a sound. A perplexed mom and a sheepish dad were scratching their heads for days....until a call from grandma occupied mom for just a minute....there went Rosie. She had Matthew by the ankles and as mom turned the corner she was dragging him down the hall.

    Lessons learned:

    showers aren't needed, truely you can wait another week or two....

    and Dad's don't watch their kids as closely as mom's do!