Friday, December 12, 2008

Fear Day, and other quotes from the Lewis children

Dear Sara and Kevan,

Just in case you were missing your brood, we thought we'd share with you some of the lovely things they've been saying and doing the last few days.

We took Sam and Rachel swimming on Thursday morning; we had a pool at our disposal and we couldn't resist. Sam wanted to spend most of his time in the baby pool, therefore Rachel wanted to spend most of her time in the baby pool, therefore we both spent most of our time in the baby pool. We had fun, even if it was a little crowded and cold.

"Brudda Heith! Thplash Achel!" that means, "Brother Heiss! Splash Rachel!"

"Heiiiiiiith! Heiiiiiiiiith! Baby poo told!" that means, "Heiss, Heiss! Baby pool cold!"

"No, Achel! Thplash Tham!" that means, "No, Rachel! Don't splash Sam!"

"No Wache, No Wache, No Wache," means "No Rache, No Rache, No Rache."

"Doe, Brudda Heith, doe!" meant "Go, Brother Heiss, Go!"

Sam wasn't the only one talking up a storm. Rachel was also having a fun time. Most of what she said was nonsense, but she did get a few words out.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yessssss!" was said as she walked from one side of the baby pool to the other.

"Dada! Nooooo!" was yelled when I took her out of the baby pool and into the big pool. She wanted to stay and play with Sam and Daddy but I was too cold.

Rachel has been copying everything Sam says, even outside the pool. She's repeated Pispaus Tee (Christmas Tree), Brudda Heith, and even said potty today.

We are also getting a kick out of the other kids.

Megan and Emma declared today "Fair Day" as in "let's all be fair and equal." Somehow I don't think they thought we were being fair. Megan drew me a picture, kind of as an invitation to Fair Day, but I think her original plan was to try to make me feel guilty about not being "fair."

I wasn't sure if I should be afraid or not. I think my favorite parts are the "not" and the frowny face that are scribbled out. "Happy not fair fear day!"

In conjunction with the absolutely fair day Emma and Megan were having, Megan said this, "Emma, will you please get me another piece of paper of whatever colour you are going to use?"

And lastly, from Jacob, "That's the main artery in my leg! You pinched it!"

How could you not laugh everyday?


  1. What a good idea to have fear, I mean FAIR Day.

  2. How did I never record the time Jacob said to me, "I love it when old people try to use cool phrases."?

  3. Jacob at our house for Sunday dinner this week (to Jessica, now a newly wed (wut)): Are you baby thirsty?