Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We three Heisses

I wrote a new carol. It was Amanda's idea. I hope this doesn't end up in the category "awesomely bad." Here we go...

We three Heisses of Amrika are...
Sick and weak and, frankly, bizarre.
Coughing, wheezing,
Sniffling, sneezing,
No sign of health so far.

O-oh! How we wish that we weren't sick!
Gee, this is a nasty trick!
Every Christmas we find sickness,
And end up feeling ick.

Rachel started out with the flu.
Andrew next, and then you-know-who.
Head aches, throat aches.
Refrain from handshakes
Or you'll wind up sick, too!


It's Christmas Eve; I slept in real late.
No time to bake, no time to ice skate.
Napping, sleeping,
Dozing, snoozing,
We're in a sorry state.


Alright, that's all you're getting. I was going to write more but trying to think of rhymes is making my headache worse. Obviously I think Christmas should be void of sickness. I certainly could do without being sick right now.

We keep worrying that Rachel has the chicken pox. She's been vaccinated, it's true, but so were the kids in our branch who got it. Last night Carolee noticed some spots on Rachel's abdomen. Rachel had a fever 2 days ago and was exposed to chicken pox at the Christmas party about 12 days ago so the time line is just about right. Luckily this morning there weren't any more spots and they haven't broken open or oozed or anything so maybe the spots were just a fluke.

Or maybe she really does have the chicken pox, just a really mild case of them. Apparently if you've been vaccinated and end up getting chicken pox anyway you shouldn't get them very bad.

That doesn't explain why Andrew and I are sick though.

Hopefully it's not chicken pox and we all get better soon. Have a *sniff, cough, cough* holly, jolly Christmas, it's the best time of the year.


  1. Nancy, I remember rosie being sicky on her very first Christmas. DO you remember? I hope you guys get better, soon. I have turkey cooking next to me, and it smells sooooo good. I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

  2. I love it! Definitely in the awesome category! I hope you all feel better soon, and that you have a very merry Christmas!

  3. So sorry you and yours are sick. I hope you'll feel better soon!

  4. Maybe chickenpox, maybe fever related. Being sick sucks! Hope you get better soon.

  5. Actually, she could have a mild case of it - even with the vaccination. Also, I heard recently they're starting to find that the vaccination isn't working like they thought it would. Kids who have had the vaccination are getting chicken pox later than they normally would have (like at ten -twelve years old) Deklan had the vaccination but still got a mild case of it.
    Anyways, it sucks.
    I hope you guys are feeling better soon!

  6. Sorry you are sick. I hope you are well so that when David gets there, he doesn't catch it, or you will have one more person to worry about. I love you!

  7. PS Like Amanda, I think it is an awesome poem!

  8. Josh pointed out that "Gee, this is a nasty trick" sounds pretty bad if you sing it fast...

    So I think I will probably change the words to "Gosh, this is a nasty trick" or "Blah, this is a nasty trick" or something like that.