Thursday, December 25, 2008

Play with the Letters Board

I got Andrew and Rachel a puzzle of the Arabic alphabet to share for Christmas. It's highly educational. There's a blurb on the back of the puzzle explaining so:

Play With The Letters Board This Game Helps Child To Know The Correct Order To Letters During His Play And Put The Letter In The Correct Place When he Takes Of The letters From The Board appear Under every Letter (Drawing Shape) The name Of This Shape Begin with The Take Of letter For Example In Arabic Letters The (B) Letter When The Child Take Of Will Find Under the letter Becture In a Duck Shape And in English The(D) Letter When We Take Of We Will Find Under The Letter a (Dog) Shape ....Etc

Rachel finds the puzzle entertaining and Andrew and I couldn't stop laughing after reading the back of the puzzle. So all in all I pretty much think it was a great gift!


  1. This is confusing to me, as well as hilarious. Are the pictures (bectures) according to English or Arabic? Batta for duck, I get, but D for Dog? Kelb? Please explain. Awesome puzzle, by the way.

  2. They make the same boards in English, too, but use the same instruction sheet for both, hence the "B is for batta and D is for dog" thing.

    Hurray for amazing translation...

    We actually got a German card game for Christmas from the same store. It cost more money, but the Germans actually paid for real translation--phrases weren't translated word for word. It threw me off not having the glaring Chinese/Egyptian English screaming off the page.

  3. We have the Arabic one, by the way, if that wasn't clear in the picture/post/comment :)