Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fresh Fish

We usually do our shopping at Seoudi Market, which overall is a nice store. I just can't stand the butcher area. *Shudder* Or the fish stands. I usually have to hold my breath and hurry past while Andrew grabs whatever it is we need from around the meat department. Not that we ever buy meat there, because we don't. And not that hurrying past it ever helps, because it doesn't. The whole store stinks.

But we still shop there because they seem to have the best stocked shelves in Maadi, and tend to have good prices, as well.

So on Thursday when we went grocery shopping we went to Seoudi, of course. And since the pasta, and the canned goods, and the frozen goods, and the bottles of sauces, and packages of soup, and most everything on our list was right by the meat department we spent a lot of time back there.

Almost everything, actually, is by the meat department, except for the cereal and baking goods.

We spent a long time back there, trying to find the flour, which we thought would be by the sugar. It wasn't. But we spent a lot of time looking for it and while we did we heard the butchers having a conversation. Apparently a British man had come to their stand earlier in the day and asked if they had "fresh fish." They thought this was absolutely hilarious and were still joking about it hours later.

"Andik fresh fish?" (Do you have 'fresh fish?')

"Andu mish fresh fish!" (He has not 'fresh fish.')

"Andik fish?" (Do you have 'fish?')

"Andu mish fish!" (He has not 'fish.')

"Fresh fish!" (uhhh...'Fresh fish.')

"Mish fish!" (No 'fish.')

"Mish fresh fish! Mish fish! Fresh fish!" (I think you get the idea.)

They were having a great time. I almost wanted to stick around longer just to listen to them carry on about fresh fish...except that the smell was making me queasy.

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