Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's a hit!

Staying in the Lewis household has really expanded Rachel's vocabulary. This morning Sam and Rachel followed me into the kitchen, squabbling, as usual. They really are good friends and like to play with each other--it's just that Rachel is an oldest/only child and is used to getting her own way and Sam is the youngest/baby child and is used to his older siblings giving him his own way. Since they both always want their own way they run into a lot of conflicts.

Oh, and Rachel thinks she has to hold/touch Sam all the time and he's not too fond of constant hugging. It's kind of nice for me because she doesn't follow me around all day long holding onto my legs. Instead she follows Sam around.

Anyway, they ran into the kitchen yelling and screaming.

"Achel! Push!" Sam tattled.

As soon as he said this Rachel shot back, "Sam! Hit! Hit!"

She hit herself just to make sure I knew for sure she meant to say hit.

Isn't it great how educational family living is? Rachel has learned how to tattletale and to say hit all in 4 days. Amazing!


  1. I can never tell if she's really meaning to say what she says. We're eating lunch now--hot dogs and clementines. Yum. I was just peeling a clementine and Rachel put out her hand and said,

    "My some! Nummy, nummy, nummy, num!"

  2. Rachel will be so bored next week when it is just you two again--who will she tattle on? I guess she can wait until Daddy comes home, and tell on you!

  3. :-D Oh, I think she knows what she's about! Eilidh's known what she's about for months now, and she's not even talking yet... Anyway, this is a hilarious post. I love it. For some reason, it reminds me of the commercial, "What would you do for a Klondike bar..."

  4. It is a terribly funny post. Rule number one in the salvation of children: Learn to tattle and point fingers, until the mom figure can't actually tell whom started what... yup... No worries there, Rachel has inserted herself right into the equation!

  5. The twins tattle, but the funniest thing is they tell on themselves! I'll ask who threw the shoe? Olivia yells (from the other room) "Me did it"...........