Sunday, December 21, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Hi - Andrew's mom here. We received word today that internet service throughout the Middle East has been disrupted for some reason (something was cut in Italy?). Andrew & Nancy just didn't want anyone to worry that there haven't been any posts for a few days, and there might not be any soon. So if you're like me and think a day without a blog from Nancy is like a day without air, we're just out of luck!


Just an update: they rerouted the internet through Southeast Asia and sattelite so we're up and running again (apparently they did learn something from the last internet outage: that people don't like to be left in the dark for weeks). Wahoo! The internet is just a little...bit...slow...but we can deal with slow!

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes reading your posts out of order (the way Google Reader gives them to me) gets confusing. Like when I read a post all about who you aren't on the internet, but clearly, you are since you have a post and I'm reading it.

    Now I know. :)