Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rachel the adorable Jawa

Along with that fruit bowl, Sara bought back a little jacket for Rachel, again from Tunisia, and I can't get over how cute she looks in it. It's a traditional Berber coat and apparently everyone in Tunisia wears them. I think Sara mentioned that they're made of camel hair; I was too busy being shocked at how adorable it was to pay full attention.

Rachel was a little afraid to try it on, but that's alright because I think Sam was a little scared of his jacket, too. He doesn't like it when the hood is on.

We eventually got her to put her jacket on right before we left for tithing settlement, but only after Andrew and I each pretended to put it on. Even then she took it off once we got inside the church and refused to put it on before we left to walk back home (cold!).

I hope that she'll learn to love it because it is absolutely adorable.

Andrew says it reminds him of a little Jawa, as well it should because George Lucas seemed to have a certain fondness for Tunisia.

So while Sara and I were discussing the wonders of Tunisia--the clean, white buildings; the ocean; the clear, blue sky; the rain--and were reveling in the absolute adorableness of the little jackets, Kevan and Andrew were in some sick nerd-induced bliss, talking about Jawas and Tataouine, the namesake of Luke Skywalker's home planet, and Matmata, where Skywalker's Homestead still stands today.

I? Knew none of that. Nor did I care. The jacket is just too cute. Seriously.


  1. I love that jacket. I so want one for the twins! Speaking of wants.....can you price a nativity set for me, small enough for David to perhaps bring home? I want to send him with enough money to get me one.

  2. I really need to watch the original "Star Wars" movies again soon... I'll have to find someone who's old school and has a VCR though!

  3. I love that coat, forget my kids, I want one!
    She is so cute Nanny!

  4. Why is my niece the cutest thing in the world!!!

  5. I don't know if Brother McAllister is still in your ward, but if so his daughter is coming there for Christmas. To make it even a smaller world, she is dating my little brother right now!

  6. I think Sam's and Rachel's coats are made out of felt and/or wool of some kind. It was the traditional ones we saw the men wearing that are made out of camel fur.

    But you want to know about *true* nerdiness? I was looking for a link to send my friend about the Luke Skywalker house we stayed in and discovered that there is a "Wookiepedia." I will never again call my husband a nerd. Perspective is a beautiful thing :)