Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday from Rachel

Dear Grammy and Grandpa,

I drew you a picture today for your birthdays! I chose a pink paper because I like pink. I drew with a white crayon like I usually do but was a little disappointed to see that it actually showed up on this paper. So I put that crayon back and instead used a light pinky-orange color to do most of my coloring. It matched the paper perfectly! So perfectly that you can hardly see any of my scribbles at all.

I also used grey because Mommy said that you like pink and grey, Naunie.

I asked Mommy to help me trace my hands. It was so fun we did it over and over again! I helped. Then I wanted Mommy to trace my feet, so I stood on the paper. It was harder for me to help trace my feet than my hands because my legs kept getting in the way.

I even traced my nose for you!

Mommy said she wished she had the camera ready so that she could snap my picture when I put my nose down to be traced. I don't know why since you can clearly see that my nose got traced. Oh, well. Mommy is so silly; she's always taking pictures of me.

When I was finished with my picture, Mommy asked me to sit on the couch and hold it up nicely for you so that you could see it. So I did! Didn't I do a good job? I was concentrating so hard on doing a good job, that's why I couldn't smile!

I hope you both had happy birthdays. It was fun to get to see you today. Thank you for looking at my belly button. Sometimes my bellybutton gets lonely because no one ever wants to see it. I don't know why.

I love you lots and lots and I'm taking care of Mommy! Happy Birthday again!

Mommy and Daddy both say hi! And my bellybutton says hi, too!

Love, Rachel


  1. Dear Rachel,

    Thank you so much for the beautiful picture. I do like pink, and I like grey and white, too. I like pictures of hands and feet and noses. Thank you for showing us your belly button; we really miss that belly button and also the girl on whom it resides. Thank you for taking good care of my little girl, your mommy. You are a good team!

    Love Naunie, Grammy, whoever I am

  2. Hey Rachel...thanks for the b-day pic. I like the colors and also I like your hands, feet, arms, legs, torso, and even your belly button and nose. Tell your Mommy that she'll have to give them all hugs and kisses for me (tell her that she'll have to blow on your belly to make funny noises).