Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I want to see what's funny, too!

On Friday night we held a little hefla. The Schillings brought over a Brian Regan DVD and some cookies and popcorn, and I made some pumpkin cake stuff. Rachel was still up when they came over, but it was definitely past her bedtime. Still, we couldn't really put her to bed before she'd had any dessert since she already saw it. That would just be mean.

So we let her stay up and visit and eat some cake and cookies. And then we put her to bed.

She didn't cry or fuss at all. We figured she was just really tired and wanted to go to bed. Plus we had let her stay up and eat cake and cookies, which was nice of us, so she was probably just returning the favor.

Then the girls came home and we got a little bit noisier and then some of the girls left again and it got quieter again and we continued watching Brian Regan tell his fabulous jokes. He had just told one particularly funny joke.

Perhaps it was the empty card joke--why do they even have a section of cards that are blank inside? I'd like to be the guy who does that for a living. What do you do? Oh, I make cards that are completely blank inside. Ha, ha. Suckers!

My favorite part was when he was saying that sometimes he writes, "Sorry you're feeling a little blank inside. I know how you feel because sometimes I also feel a little blank inside..."

That's probably not what we were laughing at because only I seemed to find that funny. I don't know why. But then he went on to say that even though there is a "blank inside" genre for cards and a "birthday for twin girls ages 4 through 8" section and a "birthday humorous" section, they're missing the "condolences humorous" section.

Then he went on to say some silly limerick that he'd made up. "Sorry about your Uncle Fred...glad it wasn't you instead..."

Something like that.

And we were all laughing so hard. When we quieted down to hear his next joke we heard Rachel's laughter floating into the living room through the bedroom door.

"Ha, ha...?" she said.

It was a loaded sentence, saying a whole lot more than just, "Ha, ha!" It also said, "I'm still awake an hour and a half after you put me to bed and I've just been sitting here quietly, and patiently waiting for you to come get me. Why won't you let me join your party? I want to see what's funny, too!"

Her tone was just to die for and got us all laughing again before Brian Regan could even get to his next punch line!


  1. I remember being a child, listening to the adults in the other room. I hated going to sleep, for fear I might miss something. I have a couple children like that.........

  2. I'm all about reiterating today...
    I've done it on a few posts now.

    Ditto with what Kelli said, and also, with what you and Andrew and I discussed earlier... it's near impossible to fall asleep when the people in the next room are having what sounds to suspiciously like a party... it's not fair! Everyone likes a good party :)