Thursday, November 04, 2010

Do you or I or anyone know how oats, peas, beans and barley grow?

A few days ago Andrew and I were talking about noses. Andrew once told me that if you pinch a baby's nose closed that they would automatically open up their mouth to breathe. The funny thing is is that Miriam doesn't do this. Instead she throws her head backward hoping you lose the grip on her nose. It's really kind of funny. This led to a discussion about noses and my teasing Andrew that his nose would only get larger as he gets older.

"No, it won't!" he said, slightly offended.

"Sure it will. Have you ever seen a picture of a young apostle and compared it to an older picture? Their noses always grow to be huge. It's just what happens."

"What? No way!" Andrew said, incredulously, "Noses are like eyes, aren't they? They stay the same size your whole life...Wait, that's obviously not the case because I don't have a baby nose. Never mind."

We laughed and laughed about that one. And I just learned that at birth babies' eyes are usually about 75% of the size of an adults' eye, so they actually do grow, just not much. Noses, on the other hand, grow a whole lot. Obviously.

Today I'm grateful for my nose since it helps hold up my glasses. My new glasses just came in today and I can see so much better now! My prescription hadn't actually changed that much in the past two years (which means I can still read the top letter, and only the top letter, on the chart...go me!) but my glasses were so scratched up (thanks, Egyptian sand) that a new pair was duly warranted. I suppose I'm also thankful for my eyes today, as well as for corrective lenses.

Also, in case you're wondering, today's title comes from the chorus of a traditional British and American song that popped into my head while I was wondering what to title this post. I suppose thinking of "growing noses" made me think of "know" and "grow" and then this song just flooded into my mind.

Andrew and I are going to go chillax now by watching our noses grow while eating some odd dessert he's concocted using cake mix, cherry pie filling, canned pineapple, and a can of cherry 7-Up. Wish us luck!

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