Monday, November 15, 2010

The girls

Before going to bed Rachel likes to show off some tricks, which she calls "fwicks." The other night she was bounding around her room, trying to get Andrew's attention.

"Look, Daddy! Watch my fwick! Ready, okay?"

She did a trick of sorts and apparently messed up because she. I can never tell when she messes up her tricks because, truthfully, they look the same as when she doesn't mess up.

"That wasn't a really trick. I'm having issues doing my tricks."

And today Miriam took six steps to get at a duck that was sitting on Rachel's desk. Usually she only does three steps: R-L-R. If she does more it's usually because she goes R-L-R-R-R-R-R until she falls over. For some reason she just can't get that left left moving. Today, though, she took six fairly steady steps before she reached the desk. And the duck.

Miriam also took a few steps in the kitchen. I had just put her into some flannel pyjamas without those little tread stickies on the bottom (Rachel thinks they are derived from peanut butter fish; this may or may not be because she asked about it one day and so I told her that, yes, indeed, peanut butter fish are harvested and then stuck to the bottom of our socks for traction). It was like watching someone get on an ice rink for the first time. She was slipping and sliding all over the place but was determined to get her six steps in again.

Right, left, slip, right.


Right, left, right...right...


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