Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just like a big girl!

Miriam has been standardizing her vocabulary. She recently figured out how to say "quack" so the word "duck" has been, for the most part, repressed. If you catch her off-guard she'll still say duck. For example, I just showed her a rubber duck and said, "Meme, what is this?"

"Duh....k!" she said. "Qak, qak, qak, qak, qak, qak!"

But now that "qak-ing" has taken over and she won't say "duh...k" until she forgets about how fun quaking is. It's her new word so, trust me, she thinks it is a lot of fun.

Last night Andrew and I went out on a date and Grandpa was playing with the girls. Meme started quacking her little "qak-qak," which sent Rachel into a proud sort of tizzy. She just had to bring Grandpa's attention to Meme's new skill.

"Listen, everybody, listen! Meme can say 'fwack' just like a big girl! 'Fwack-fwack,' Meme, say, 'fwack, fwack!' She can talk! She can say 'fwack, fwack, fwack' just like a big girl!"

Oh, the irony...

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  1. Reminds me of Patrick when people would call Josie "Jozee" and he would say with some disdain, "No, it's Josie Weeze Wayton."