Monday, November 01, 2010


Participating in NaBloPoMo might actually present a challenge to me this year since I'm not in the habit of posting daily. This will be nice; I can use a good challenge. Something a little less challenging than running 13.1 miles but challenging nonetheless.

Today Grandma starting taking down the Halloween decorations and putting up the Thanksgiving decorations--from here on out it's holiday, holiday, holiday until 2011. And I'm kind of glad about that because winter can get so depressing. I am still trying to gear myself up to survive the winter. I'm almost positive I will never go outside unless pressured.

Andrew applied for an internship with the State Department. We have an itch to head back to the Middle East so we're hoping it pulls through. And that it comes with funding. Otherwise it will probably be a no-go. Or an Andrew-go while the girls stay here all summer but that option doesn't sound like as much fun as all of us going. We'll find out about that in December. If it doesn't pan out we have several other opportunities we're looking into. I'm sure something exciting will happen this summer one way or another.

I thought it would be a good idea to end each post this month with something I'm grateful for--and maybe that will give me motivation to write on the days I think I haven't anything to say because surely I can at least think of one thing to be thankful for everyday and write about that.

So today I'm thankful sweet, little family: Andrew, Rachel, and Miriam. I don't know what I'd do without them.

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  1. NANCY! I don't know if I can survive the winter either. I mean, we've been in Provo for the last 2 winter's, but after that summer in Egypt?? My Phoenix, Arizona blood can't handle anything colder than 45 degrees. I feel my hatred for winter will only get worse. Winter haters, unite! Let's create a club or something.