Monday, November 08, 2010

The perfect storm

Miriam is sick with something. She had a high fever a few days ago and now has a rash. I discovered it at church while giving her a diaper change. She didn't have it this morning so I don't know when it started. She's already had roseola and I'm not sure that you can get roseola twice since the going theory is that contracting it in childhood offers life-long immunity. So perhaps chicken pox?

I don't know. I've circled some of the bumps on her tummy with a pen so we will see how they look in the coming days.

When she got roseola she had a lacy rash; this time it's just bumps and it definitely started on her torso.

Poor baby hasn't been sleeping well and has been so, so miserable. Usually when we lie her down she takes, at the most, fifteen minutes to fall asleep. Lately she's been taking hours. She stayed up until nearly midnight a couple of days in a row, just fussing. It's clear she's uncomfortable.

Tonight she was asleep within half an hour of going down so hopefully this means she is on the mend.

I could sure use a full eight hours, if you know what I mean.

But, I suppose I should still be grateful today. Today I'm thankful that Karen came home from church and made apple crisp. Our block of church gets out at 4:00 and it was fast Sunday and daylight savings reversal and the rehearsal for the primary presentation and my baby is sick so it was a pretty much the perfect storm. I was sitting in the back of the primary room with Reenie, juggling Miriam and watching the kids struggle through the last twenty minutes of primary.

"What is this—the full moon?" she asked, "No, wait! It's 5:00 for them. They're tired and ready to be home with yummy food in their tummies! Poor things!"

Not that many of them were fasting, anyway, since children don't usually fast until they're older. But still. Being at church until 4:00 is hard enough without your biological clock thinking it's 5:00.

Thank goodness for mother-in-laws and their apple crisp! It was hot and ready right when we walked in the door!

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