Saturday, November 27, 2010

Like Rabbits

We had a small gathering of our high school friends over today: just me, Andrew, Marquita, and Joy. Back in the day this really would have been a small gathering. Today? It was a little wild. 

Joy brought along Joe (her husband) and their girls: Karen (4), Rachel (2), and Alice (6 mos).

Marquita brought along Daniel (her husband) and their girls: Maya (5) and Vivian (2).

Andrew and I, of course, contributed to the pool of estrogen with Rachel (3) and Miriam (1).

Between us all there are seven little girls. SEVEN!

The house was full of all the fun and energy seven girls ages six and under offer. 

Who would ever have dreamed this up in high school?

We've been as far as Nebraska/North Carolina, Korea, and Cairo but we still keep in touch and when we manage to be on the same continent, in the same country, state, and town...well, we like to get together.

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