Tuesday, October 09, 2012

House Tour, Part III

So, here's our kitchen—where everything finally has a place (more or less). It's galley-style, so it opens up from our dining room and then pops out by our front door.

Here's the view from the dining area:

Here's the sink side of our kitchen, with our microwave on our counter...still...

Because our counter space is somewhat limited, Andrew and his mom ordered a microwave cabinet from Target to put our microwave on back in August when Karen was still here. Soon they emailed us to tell us that it wouldn't be delivered until around Andrew's birthday—which was about six weeks from the time we ordered it, but Andrew's birthday has come and gone and obviously no cabinet ever arrived. I began to wonder where they were shipping the cabinet from—Mars, perhaps?

We inquired about it earlier this week and they said they could get it to us by mid-November (affirming my Mars hypothesis) so we just cancelled our order and found a different one on Amazon. It should be here tomorrow (unless it, too, is being shipped from Mars).

As far as my "end of the world" scenario goes, having the microwave on the counter is not it. In fact, having the microwave on the counter is a completely survivable situation for me. I'm not in any hurry for my Martian microwave cabinet.

Here's the stove/refrigerator side of the kitchen:

Obviously the top of our fridge could use a little help. Andrew put all our cookbooks in the cabinet above the fridge where I can't reach them easily (and not only because of the ice cube trays, cooler, and pitchers in the way—it's also because I'm a little shorter than he is) but I suppose that's alright because my go-to recipe book is (where any recipe with a 4 or 5 star average rating (and hundreds of reviews) is sure to be a winner). Perhaps it's time to ditch the cookbooks altogether...

And here's the other doorway that meets up with our entryway. 

I always want to find a light switch on this wall, but there's never one there.

So, that's our kitchen. It's not as nice as my mother-in-law's kitchen but it's much nicer than our kitchens in either Egypt or at Orchard Creek so we're very happy with it. 

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