Monday, October 01, 2012

Story time for Benjamin

Benjamin is easily overstimulated. He loves books, for example, but if he sits on my lap while I read picture books he gets hyper (jerky movements/fast breathing) and spitty. He's fine for longer books when he can look at the same page for a minute but if we're reading a little board book and I'm flipping the page every few seconds he wigs out and starts throwing up everywhere.

We read The Bear Went Over the Mountain today, for example, and that was far too much for him since I was singing the words and had to turn the pages to keep in time with the music. He was fussing and puking by the time we finished.

So usually he gets to lie in my lap and look up at the cover of the book while we read and he seems to enjoy that quite a bit.

We read a book called Colors (by Charles Harper) next. I'm a little torn over his illustrations. Some of them I like a lot. Others I don't. Others I like but wonder why he included them in a board book for babies (the tan page, for instance). Benjamin was completely transfixed by the cover so when Miriam and I had finished reading it and looking at the pictures we decided to let Benjamin have a turn.

We put him on the floor for tummy time and propped the book up in front of him (something both my girls enjoyed as babies as well).

We let him soak up each picture...spending as much time on each page as he needed. This part was difficult for Miriam because she felt he should "read" faster. He's just a slow reader, what can I say?

He was really quite enamoured with this book, though.


  1. Cheetah is mainly a book eater. When I read to her she spends most of her time trying to finagle her mouth around the corners :)

  2. That is a good idea. I'll have to try it with Natalie. She actually sleeps on her tummy so she gets lots of tummy time but she might like that more than just lying on her back and staring at the ceiling.