Saturday, November 02, 2013

A bit about Benjamin

Benjamin likes to run his hands through his hair while he eats. I don't know where he gets that from. (Actually I do: From me. He gets it from me.) What's he wearing on his face tonight? Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and green beans. He didn't touch the meatballs. I think the only thing that made it into his tummy were the olives (and he ate a ton of them).

When we were taking pictures of Miriam after her hair cut Benjamin ran over to cheese for the camera.

Then he politely asked me (by grabbing my hand and yanking me across the room) to take his picture while he posed on the apples. Unfortunately, although he tries to stay still for pictures I didn't ever quite catch his goofy grin while he was sitting on the apples but he was pretty pleased with himself for setting up this picture.

Oh, Benjamin's running around naked, by the way, because it's been wonderfully warm (again) lately. When Andrew was in Utah it got so cold that I broke down and turned on the heater because we were freezing inside the house. We were dressing in layers and spending most of the day cuddled on the couch under blankets and we were so sick and miserable (and Benjamin won't keep socks/shoes on) that I couldn't help it. But now he's running around naked because our house is sweltering. I have the windows open right now (at 10:30 at night), trying to cool things off.

We had a storm blow through, which helped. When Benjamin heard/saw the wind gusting through the trees he got all excited and made the sign for fan. I thought that was a pretty smart connection to make (we haven't taught him the sign for wind yet).

We're still waiting for him to start talking. The other day he was enjoying his little Elmo phone. He'd push a bunch of buttons, put it up to his ear, and sing, "Eh-woah!" It was adorable.

He also likes to hiss like a snake, though it's more like blowing than hissing. One of his favourite books right now is Snakes: Slither and Hiss. We read it several times a day. It's kind of nice having an extra reader in the house because otherwise I'm sure I'd be much more tired of this book than I am. Rachel loves to pull Benjamin onto her lap and read stories to him. It's a great help!

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