Sunday, November 03, 2013

Temple Date

Now that I know Benjamin will tolerate being left with a babysitter we're planning on going out a lot more often. We went to the temple again this morning to celebrate my friend's son's first birthday. He was born with half a heart and deemed too weak/little to be operable. My friend was told he'd die within a few hours of birth, but he didn't. He's been fighting ever since!

He had an operation a couple of months ago to put a stent in to help open his arteries. The doctors are hoping they'll strengthen/enlarge so they can do full-blown heart surgery.

So far, though, this little guy is going strong. He's a medical marvel. For some reason, against all odds, this little guy just keeps staying alive.

His mother attributes all his progress to faith and prayers. Prayers to heal the baby. Prayers to guide the medical experts. Prayers for their family unit to thrive despite all the stress of being in and out of the hospital.

I was so happy I could attend his "birthday party" from the Raleigh, NC temple (even though his "real" party was at the Cardston, Alberta temple). And it was a great day to do some temple work, anyway, what with it being Dia de (los) Muertos and all.

The kids slept in royally for their babysitters (a sweet young couple from our church) and they went to the park soon after breakfast (which they had at 10 in the morning). They were still gone when we got home! I found them skipping down the street (on their way home), laughing and having a grand time (despite the fever Rachel's been running). It's pretty clear the kids are hoping we'll continue to go out more often, too!

I always love going to the temple, but I must say that I miss living in a place where multiple temples were just minutes away (this one, this one, and (soon to be) this one were only a fifteen minute drive from our house). I suppose I should be grateful that we're part of the 83% within 200 miles of a temple. And I suppose we should be even more grateful that we're on the lower end of the 200 mile radius (we only have to make a thirty-mile drive).

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  1. Good to read you had a temple date. Thanks for sharing this. It's always interesting reading about your faith.