Saturday, November 02, 2013

Little moments

While Daddy was gone the girls were so good to me and to each other. Here they are colouring the puzzle Miriam got for her birthday (and, yes, Miriam has one dress on backwards with a jumper over top—it's sure to be the next big craze).

Daddy's thing at bedtime is delivering ice water and vitamins when he tucks in the girls (after I do lullabies). When he's not here I have the kids help get the ice water. Rachel isn't very eager to help and usually delegates this task to Miriam. Both Miriam and Benjamin love helping put ice in their cups.

On this particular night he was my only helper...

When Daddy came home, he brought Birthday Pyjamas from Grandma. Miriam loves them and has been switching between them nightly.

I don't remember why we took this photo:

Perhaps it was to showcase how absolutely unruly Miriam's long hair could be:

Benjamin thought it was a great photo-op because it meant he got to back up against the wall. He loves going in reverse. He thinks it's the coolest little party trick.

And, yes, that plug plate is broken. Someone "dropped a stool on it." Really? How?

Andrew fixed it though, which is just one of many reasons we're so glad that Daddy's home!

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  1. I was a backer-upper too... and Piper and Kai were too. In fact, that's the only way Piper ever sat on anybody's lap. She'd just back up until she hit something solid and then plop down.