Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hives and carrots

We're still battling hives today. They've moved off his tummy and are now on his sides, arms, legs, and back. And he's a little less happy about them. I'm trying to get up the courage to try an oatmeal bath, perhaps before bed to help soothe his skin (because he hasn't been sleeping well).

When I got him dressed today he screamed and tried to climb up me like he was escaping from a monster. I suspect the monster was his hives. Climbing up me offered no escape, so he just whimpered on my lap until he got used it again.

We went to the drug store to pick up some Benadryl, but apparently that's not recommended for kids his size, so I'm not sure what else we can do for him.

After coming home from the store empty handed, we dug up the rest of the carrots from the front garden. I feel like I didn't even plant many carrots in the front—I just put them in the ground to fill up the empty spaces between the flowers (and, it turns out, butterflies appreciate them so they'll be going in next year, too) but I ended up with so many carrots that we haven't even harvested any from the backyard yet. And I planted more there because that's where I actually expected to get my harvest from.

So who knows how many carrots are back there? Certainly not me.

Benjamin and Miriam had fun yanking the carrots from the ground after I loosened the soil around them.

Here's another time when I wish my camera had focused properly (or that Benjamin had stayed still a minute longer than he did). He's grinning—with dirt all over his mouth from nibbling on a carrot straight out of the ground (yucky).


  1. That is such an Andrew look - wow!

    I'm so sorry he is miserable. I know the Benadryl box says something about consulting a doctor for young children. I asked the pharmacist and she told me the correct dosage for my nephew when he needed antihistamine. But maybe because Benjamin is even younger that's not an option. You'd think there would be something to help a little one with an allergic reaction. Poor baby.

  2. My favorite oatmeal bath involves putting oatmeal in the toe of a nylon and then running the water over it and rubbing it all over their bodies. It is much less hunky for the tub and seemed to get the magic of the oatmeal where we needed it better. I sure hope he gets lots better soon! That looks miserable! (My phone won't let me go back and change hunky to gunky but that's what I meant. :) )

  3. I would talk to your pediatrician but we gave Benadryl ALL the time in the pediatric ER to all ages. It is 1.25mg/kg of weight. If you call the nurse or the pharmacist though they would be able to give you their recommendation. I feel pretty comfortable giving my kids most medications. Hives are terrible uncomfortable. Also a pediatric allergist would be able to test him for all sorts of allergies so you wouldn't just have to suffer until you realized what it was.

  4. I agree, I've got some pretty nasty allergies that almost always end in hives, and they often won't go away without benadryl, if you could find someone to talk to about dosage I would. I know with George when she was very sick, they took into account her age, not just size. And she's tiny, only 20lbs at 2 years.
    Also, when I've got hives as bad as your wee one, I use gold bond. Hurts like a bugger for a minute or two, then really really helps with the itching.

  5. Thanks for the advice, girls! I need to call our pediatrician's office, I guess. They're going to have us memorized after the past couple of weeks. Maybe we should just ask if we can move in... ;)

    1. H'okay. I called the pharmacy; we're going to Benadryl things up over here.

      And I will talk with our pediatrician about the hives (barring another outbreak) at his 18 month appointment, which we already have scheduled. I'm still kinda hoping this was a fluke of sorts.