Friday, December 25, 2020

A White Christmas in Georgia

Last night everyone's wishes for a white Christmas came true! Our "wintry mix," which had been nothing but very cold rain all day, turned into actual snow very late in the evening and left us with a dusting of cold white stuff. The children were all very happy to see it this morning. They couldn't believe their luck! 

Alexander was determined that we should build a snowman, so he dragged all his siblings (and me) outside in the 27°F (-3°C) weather to do so.

We succeeded, but just barely.

He's so big he rivals our snowman of January 22, 2014. Today's snow packed fairly well, but was rather hard to gather, given its scarcity. 

The kids are back inside for oatmeal and hot chocolate (we haven't had breakfast yet); they didn't play outside very long. We'll see how long our snowman lasts—probably until tomorrow sometime because I don't think we're supposed to get above freezing all day! Brrrrr!

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