Sunday, June 06, 2021

Benjamin's Birthday Balloons

We made birthday balloons for Benjamin during FHE last week.

Alexander wrote on his balloons with his formal binomial code language and then read his balloons very seriously to everyone (while I took dictation). He made a bunch of them. The first one says, "I hope you stay well and I hope you stay happy." Another one says, "Happy birthday! I love you and we can give you some presents." The last balloon he translated for us said, "I hope you have a good day. I love you, and Ben—I love you and hope somehow this can be on the tree." He declined to give a translation of his fourth balloon.

Zoë's balloons were heavy on doodles (they were absolutely plastered with hearts) and light on text. She said, "I love you Ben, Oh, and happy birthday!" and "I love you because you play chess with me," and "Happy Birthday!"

Between Zoë and Alexander there weren't many balloons left for the rest of us.

Andrew's balloons said, "You are great at forgiving others and always being flexible and happy!
 and, "Ben! You are a super fun dude!"

Rachel said, "You are smart, funny, energetic, ambitious, brave, and curious. I love how much you love to read and ride your bike and you're so good at everything you try. I can't believe you're nine already! (Seriously, it's really weird. I remember when you were born and now you're almost a decade old? Like, what?)"

She also wrote him an acrostic poem:


Miriam only managed to snag one balloon and chose to write another acrostic about Benjamin:


I also only got a single balloon, but I filled it up with things (so it's like I wrote on several balloons): "Benjamin, I admire your persistence and dedication in learning. Sometimes it takes you longer to learn things, but you keep a good attitude and keep trying until you succeed. It was fun to watch you learn how to ride a bike this year. You started out slow and now you're a pro.

"You can be a silly kid sometimes but also know how (and when) to be responsible and mature, which is pretty cool!

"It's been a privilege to watch you grow, learn, and develop your talents. You're turning into a fine young man and I look forward to watching you continue to learn and grow. 

"You're a wonderful brother, son, and friend. I love you!"

He sure is a good kid!

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