Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Full-contact Rock Paper Scissors

Zoë and Benjamin were playing outside today (socially distanced, of course) with some neighbour kids (Alexander wasn't because he's still a little feverish; he felt being kept inside was terribly unfair and tried to explain to me that fevers are inside your body and that fevers "don't shed," so he wouldn't get anyone else sick, so I explained back to him that fevers are merely a symptom of a disease and while the symptom may not spread directly, the disease might) when Zoë ran back inside screaming and crying and bleeding everywhere. 

It was a four-bandaid emergency!

"What happened?!" I asked her.

I was very shocked when she replied, "Well, I was playing Rock Paper Scissors..."

"Rock Paper Scissors?!" I exclaimed, taking in all her multiple injuries. 

Was it full-contact Rock Paper Scissors?!

She put both her hands up to reassure me. "No one pushed me," she said. "I just was standing on the grass by the driveway at Zoey's house and I lost my balance and tried to put my foot down but when I did I put it right on the edge of the driveway and then my foot slipped off and I fell down!"

We got her all patched up—two bandaids on her elbow, one on her wrist, and one on her knee—and she felt much better, but I still juts can't stop laughing about how bloody that Rock Paper Scissors battle was! I've never seen anything like it in my life!

"Were you using actual scissors and rocks?" Andrew joked at dinner. 

"Dad!" she said, getting frustrated with our teasings. "I told you! I just fell down!"

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