Saturday, June 19, 2021

Tybee Island Lighthouse

Before heading home on Friday morning, we stopped by the Tybee Island lighthouse, one of five lighthouses in Georgia. It has quite a history of being built, being knocked down by a storm, being built back up again, being burned down so the Union couldn't take it, being built back up again, being knocked down by a storm, being...

But it's been standing for a long time now!

At 144 feet, it felt a little short to us compared to the North Carolina lighthouses we visited (Cape Hatteras is 210 feet tall, for example), but I guess it's not really that short because there are many, many lighthouses shorter than it. 

We didn't pay to go inside (the line was long, the price was pricey) but we did take a few quick pictures!

And then we were off on the five hour drive home, which Andrew did all by himself (of course, because he's a super hero). 


  1. So many fun posts to read and lots of great pictures to see! Thank you for sharing your adventures!

  2. Looks like a fun trip! I've not been to Tybee and Savannah in a few years so it was good seeing them again through your blog posts.