Friday, January 04, 2008

BYU looks good on Emily

Emily's a little nervous about moving on to college life. Not that I blame her--it's a pretty big step to take. Growing up, moving out, competing for As in classrooms full of hundreds of people. It's all a little daunting.

I could have left high school when I was 16. When my mom presented this option to me I cried.

I hadn't been on a single date that summer and if I left high school and went to college, my chances of ever going on a date would be null. As it were, I only went on three dates that last year of high school and then didn't date again until the summer Andrew got home from his mission.

Anyway, it seemed to me that college was too big of a step to take, so even though I hated high school I endured one more year of it. I guess it was a good thing because Andrew was two of my three dates.

And then I started college and life was so much better than high school. Even though Andrew completely forgot I existed.

So there you have it, Emily, college was good. When you get that letter in the mail, be sure to let us know.

I don't blame you for being apprehensive about it, after all we're in the same boat as you. Andrew graduates in less than four months and then...

Dot, dot, dot is a scary term. So we're probably going to go to grad school, seeking the comfort of four more semesters. Knowing that you have another semester to go is comforting when you're in college--you know what you're doing and it's easier to count down than a full year of school.

When you get to the "dot, dot, dot" point in your life, that's when you should worry.

None of that really has anything to do with much except that Emily got to try the Marriott Center on for size today. I hope she liked it. She looks good in blue.

The Timpanogos Marching Band was asked to play in place of the BYU pep band since the semester hasn't started yet so the majority of the pep band members are still away from campus.

They looked good, sounded great, and overall did a wonderful job.

Rachel with the Timpanogos Marching Band
We got to go watch them play for this evening's basketball game. Reid and Karen treated us. It was a pretty fun game to watch, as far as watching sports goes; it was definitely better than the last game we went to. We could actually see what was going on this time!

And we know a player--Sam Burgess. He's in our ward. Sports are so much more riveting to watch when you know someone who's playing. He's number 20 and scored at least two 3-pointers--maybe more. I paid about as much attention to the game as Rachel did--apparently knowing someone doesn't make it riveting enough to actually watch...but it does make the parts you do catch a little more exciting.

We won, by the way--the score was 91 to 62. Rise and shout!

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  1. Haha, that sounds like me watching sports games! Except volleyball, I can pay attention to that. Andy once took me on a date to a BYU basketball game and afterwards told me he wasn't going to bother with that again because no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't focus on it... And I didn't even have a baby to distract me. :)