Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Discoveries

Rachel's been humming for a while, working on her ems. She says "mama," although it's not a word to her yet, just a sound. If she isn't too upset when she wants to eat, she'll often press her lips together and say, "Mmmmmmmmmmm..." If she is upset she just does a regular mouth-wide-open scream.

Recently, though, she discovered that if she lets the air out of her mouth instead of her nose she can get a nice "ba, ba, ba" sound. Since this development she has gone around baaing all day. She baas when she cries, she baas when she's happy, she baas when she's bored.

As you can see in this video she's rather close to crawling. She's not quite there yet, although she is a pro at moving backwards and she can get anywhere she shouldn't be in under 2 seconds. I don't know how she does it.

Always a fan of peek-a-boo, Rachel has invented a new way of playing it. We already have many variations of the game including blankets or burying her face in my chest and then popping back up. This new game involves her stacking toys.

She is so funny with this toy--it's really the best thing ever. Last night she got on all fours and stared at the orange one that was right under her face. She then leaned over, stuck her face right into the bowl, and then pinched it between her chin and neck to pick it up off the floor. She has so much fun with them!


  1. Rachel is a cutie! I wouldn't worry too much that she isn't saying many words yet. Neither is Grace. I wish she would though because the cry and scream until you get what you want drives me nuts.

  2. It is really AMAZING how fast they grow and learn! I wish I still had the fortitude to learn all day long like a baby does. She is sure a cutie!