Monday, January 14, 2008

We're in for it

One of Rachel's favorite things to do is play with anything related to electronics. She loves pounding on the keyboard (gentle touch, Rachel), chewing on cords (no, Rachel), and pushing buttons.

Her favorite thing to do while I am on the phone is to grab the cord, pull it down, and sling shot it at my face. If you're ever on the phone with me and you hear her howling with laughter, that's why. She thinks it's hilarious.

She loves to grab at the computer mouses and will chase the red light with her hands, trying to catch it.

And recently she discovered how to turn the receiver off and on. Of course, she likes all the buttons and knobs, but she absolutely loves the power button. It turns green when you turn it on, and then the display lights up, which is way cool. And then you press it again and the display turns off and the power button goes orange. Could life get better?

She's already knocked over the picture frames we have sitting on this shelf. They have been moved.

She'll crawl (and/or scoot and/or roll) over to her toy bin and try to pull it off the shelf, which would be fine with me if she stuck with just her toys, and of course, she doesn't.

Books and paper can't go anywhere near this girl. She would cross mountains just to get a bite of paper and has been known to cross the living room more than once for this very reason. Andrew's pile of homework and school books, that used to sit on the floor, has been moved to our couch, for obvious reasons. Anything she's not supposed to get into seems to call her name,

"Rachel, come and touch me!"

"Rachel, slobber on me and then scatter me across the living room!"

"Rachel, push me under the couch so no one will ever find me!"

And thus marks the beginning of our baby proofing era.

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